Maine Resilience Building Network’s mission is to promote resilience in all people by increasing the understanding of the impacts of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and the importance of building resilience through protective factors such as positive relationships.

Through new research on the science of Positive Childhood Experiences (PCEs), we know both negative and positive experiences impact that brain development. This training will offer those working with children and families practical guidance in implementing a strengths-based approach that identifies, celebrates, and promotes access to essential Positive Childhood Experiences. The presentation will cover the research behind PCEs and their mitigating effects on Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), the Four Building Blocks of HOPE, and the power of the brain to heal. Learn more


MRBN is recognized as a leader, convener, catalyst, and key resource for informing organizations, communities, education leaders and staff to create systems change and policy to improve the health and well-being of Maine's children and families.

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Trauma-informed systems respond to those experiences by integrating knowledge about trauma into their services, policies, and practices on both the individual and organizational level. 

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Maine Resilience Building Network launched Cultivating Mattering for Maine Youth in response to data and research that makes a compelling case for community involvement in promoting mental health and well-being among young people.

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Maine Resilience Building Network offers a range of professional development and training opportunities for professionals, parents, and community members. 

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MRBN leads and supports a network across Maine to build resilience and well-being by providing systems that strengthen children, family, workplace, and community connections.

MRBN is at the forefront of thought leadership and action to bring about positive changes that address systemic inequities and root causes of poor health outcomes related to Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs).

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Please seek help right away if you have trouble coping or feel overwhelmed or are worried about a friend or loved one.

The Maine Statewide Crisis Hotline is available 24/7. For assistance, call 1-888-569-1112.

The Teen Peer Support Text Line 207-515-8398, for ages 14-20, staffed by people under 23 years old.

The National Suicide and Crisis LIFELINE is 988.

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