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Are you interested in learning more about Youth Mattering and receive a copy of the Maine Youth Thriving: A Guide for Community Action? Please email the Maine Resilience Building Network at training@maineresilience.org


Maine Youth Thriving

A Guide for Community Action

No matter what part of Maine we call home, all of us want to live in strong, healthy communities. But wherever we live, we often end up focused on the problems we see around us – maybe there aren’t enough jobs or housing, or families are struggling with substance use and poor mental health.

Promoting the well-being of young people is one of the most important investments we can make in the future of our towns and cities. It is increasingly clear that many of these important public health challenges have their roots in our early experiences. When young people are valued and cared for, they thrive – and go on to become adults who succeed and help our communities grow. All of us have a role to play in creating opportunities for youth; together, we can identify the strengths of our communities and the opportunities where more work can be done to support a positive future for young people. This guide will present eight keys to helping youth to thrive in our communities.

We have a wonderful opportunity to work together in our communities to support youth. You may be a group of caring neighbors, faith group, formal coalition, or a cross sector of community members who want to promote mattering and resilience for our young people. No matter what group you are in, this guide will help you process and learn together as you develop community solutions.

The Youth Thriving Guide is designed to provide communities with tools and resources to help empower and support youth. It is a roadmap to help you develop a shared vision for encouragĀ­ing young people in your community. The guide uses a health equity and social justice approach, making it inclusive of all populations. You can choose to use all the tools included or those that best fit your community. We hope you find this guide helpful.

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