Maine Resilience Building Network

The Maine Resilience Building Network was formed in February, 2012. In 2011, a research study and report called Working with Adverse Childhood Experiences: Maine’s History, Present, and Future “Working with Adverse Childhood Experiences: Maine’s History, Present, and Future” was conducted for the Maine Children’s Growth Council Health Accountability Team.

Our Mission is to promote resilience in all people by increasing understanding of the impacts of traumas and stressors such as Adverse Childhood Experiences and the importance of protective factors like positive relationships. We aim for a comprehensive, cross-sector, and systematic approach to foster education, awareness and action.

MRBN welcomes new members at any time, and meetings are held five times/year.

Since 2012, MRBN harticipated in research, and reached out to communities throughout the state. By working with local partners, over 6,00s offered trainings, pa0 people have participated, learning more about ACEs and resilience and finding ways to make change in their communities.

Training and Education Events

MRBN’s Community Resilience Facilitators can help your group have insightful and engaging conversation about the impact of ACEs in your community and ways to build resilience. Educational sessions can be customized to your community or organizational needs.

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