Sometimes, the best person to help a group understand ACEs and resilience is someone who is already connected to the community. MRBN'S Community Resilience Facilitator (CRF) program was created in response to requests for local training and technical assistance from schools, healthcare practices, community collaboratives, and others across the state.

Karen White has been a part of MRBN since our earliest days as an all-volunteer organization. She jumped at the chance to be one of the first CRFs.

"This is a message for everyone," Karen said. "I love seeing people have their eyes opened and realizing that this is really important."

Karen is based in Androscoggin County. She would would like to see more businesses and organizations like Rotary Clubs schedule trainings.

CRFs are fully trained by MRBN staff and compensated for their time. If you're thinking about becoming a trainer, Karen says do it! "It's needed. And it's worthwhile work."

CRF presentations cover three main topics: the Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) study, brain development and how brains are impacted by toxic stress, and resilience building and protective factors that help buffer the impact of ACEs. All presentations include statewide data on ACEs in Maine. and are offered in one-hour or two-hour sessions. Participants leave the session with a fuller awareness of the risks of early adversity and the benefits of relationship-based resilience.

For more information about the CRF program, including fees and scheduling, please contact 

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