Adverse childhood experiences, ACEs, are a public health crisis with broad implications to cross-sector systems. In response, MRBN has launched a series of evidence-based resilience and trauma-informed trainings tailored for education, healthcare (including behavioral health), social services, community organizations and business with technical assistance included. Becoming an ACE-aware, resilient and trauma-informed system is a process. The journey begins when staff and leaders have a readiness to receive awareness education. A single training will not fix the challenges that we collectively face but organizations can learn to cultivate greater resilience. Our training programs are individualized according to sectors with several phases of learning. Initial trainings focus on the science of ACEs and resilience laying the foundation for subsequent learning. Continuing education provides the “how to” adopt trauma-informed approaches in our workplaces and practices so that cultures transform and systems flourish. Our strength-based approach is grounded in cultural humility and a strong recognition that positive experiences and environments are essential to the health and well-being of systems.

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