MRBN Learning Communities

In order to move beyond ACEs and Resilience awareness and increase action and interactivity across teams and service sectors, the MRBN offers Learnings Communities (LC)  - a web-based program where MRBN members can join project groups to facilitate communication, collaboration, support, and resource exchange addressing the known adversities presented in the ACEs Study. MRBN Learning Communities support participants in specific interest areas or with particular projects, etc.

For each of the adversities in the ACE Study, plus selected others, a MRBN Learning Community asks:

  • How many children are exposed to the ACE?
  • What resilience factors support coping with it?
  • How do families/services build the resilience?
  • How accessible are services?
  • How could networking improve the above?

MRBN Learning Community Teams:

  • Re-imagining Public Health (including stress, resilience, etc.) 
  • Parent separation, divorce, single parenting
  • Parent incarceration
  • Parent substance use
  • Parent mental health problem
  • Parent domestic violence
  • Child physical abuse
  • Child sexual abuse
  • Child emotional abuse
  • Child foster placement for other reasons
  • Social Determinants of Health
  • Trauma/Resilience-Informed Schools

    With a MRBN membership, you can join virtual conversations with other MRBN members across Maine. Join in whenever you have time to seek/share a resource or just continue the “MRBN conversation”. For more information contact

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